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Bobbi's Journal
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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
8:11 pm
and the system works...
in an unfortunate change of events I am going home tomorrow for a week. It turns out that my grandfather is dieing of cancer and the Dr's give him a day to three weeks to live...so the system works...the fam calls the red cross, they check to make sure it isn't a hoax and then I get to go home. so Michigan here I come...tell you how it went when I return
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
8:43 pm
IN the AIR FORCE now
well hey there it has been quite a while since I wrote. I am currently in sunny/un bearibly hot Texas. I am now in the air force and attending my second technical school. well waiting to start class. The Air Force is cool but I can't wait to get out in to the operational AF instead of this training portion.
Saturday, December 21st, 2002
1:21 am
men are frusterateing!
OK so men...the tell you they want something and act totally opposite. so just to let y'all know i am dating a guy. Problem is...he lives in Ohio. It sucks big time. So i wanted to go see him for christmas. And he says he wants to spend time with me and he tells me he loves me and all that but...now he JUST told me that he is just gonna up and leave for Christmas. I was all ready to go down there. Half packed actually almost all the way packed. ( I was gonna leave tomorrow after work)

He is going through a rough time right now. He was just diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. so everyone is pulling him in differant directions. (me being one of them) so he decides he is just gonna ignore them all and just up and leave. He doesn't know where he is going. or when he is going to be back.

I am just kinda frusterated and worried. It is like when I am talking to him he loves me and always wants to be with me but then when we have a few days we could spend together he doesn't want me to come see him. He MIGHT come see me but who knows. I am not going to expect him to because if I do that and he doesn't I will be hurt and it won't even be his fault. If any of you guys out there can shed some light on this...I would appreciate it!
Sunday, November 24th, 2002
11:19 pm
I hurt my butt!

well I was at my second night of work at my new job...I was bussing tables to help out the servers and when I was going back to the kitchen I slipped on some water on the floor and fell hard on my left butt cheek. The bottom glass in my left hand shattered and what supprised me is that not a single piece of glass hit the floor...interesting huh? well it still hurts to sit down but good thing most places have padded chairs!

Monday, November 18th, 2002
9:01 pm
A Wanted Woman!?!?!?!?!?
so I now have 3 "guys" fighting over me. I like them all in some sence but I am leaning more towards one than the others. The one i am leaning towards is of course the one that takes a whole lot more work on my part. Now lets see... If you haven't figured it out yet...these are really guys because lets get real here....guys don't want me. So are you confused? WELL...the 3 "guys" are the Army Navy and Air Force. The Army has a lot more $$ for signing. But The Air Force has a better life style and 3 weeks less of basic training so that is a HUGE plus. The Navy is just kind of like an in between. I am not sure what to do. They all are about the same. I think the morals in the Air Force are slightly better but it is the military...so it isn't the greatest. So what to do? Should I stick with the air force and kill myself trying to loose 11 pounds? or go the "easy way" and join either the army or navy that I can join now? if anyone has any insight to this please let me know! I will be talking to all 3 this week. Just to let you know...I am leaning towards the Air Force.

On a lighter note...I went to see Harry Potter 2 today with my sister and Nephew....it was cool. But I like that kinda thing...so I am a dork I can admit that!

Saturday, November 16th, 2002
10:28 pm
um WOW!
so I am talking to a friend of mine who was kicked out of cornerstone...She just told me she is 5 weeks pregnant. She doesn't know weather or not to abort it... I told her what I thought and she finally agreed. The Doctor doesn't think she will be able to carry it full term anyways. She has been looseing weight non stop. she has some serious problems.

so yeah Freshman year of college I told myself I would never take diet pills again. I broke that today. and again I say to myself NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE DIET PILLS!!!!!! I took one (you can take up to 4 a day) and I was bouncing off the walls. I couldn't sit still (even more than usual) and it was bad! My mouth got all dry and yeah so NEVER AGAIN! Oh yeah you might be wondering why I took the pill in the first place. well for one...I donl't think I am fat! but i can see how it could be easy for someone to go anorexic! ok that is sad but seriously...I lost 5 pounds in a week and a half and like 10 people told me how beautiful I looked. For reals if I didn't have a high self esteem I would be like wow I loose weight I get compliments and then I get liked so then I like myself. anyways so yeah never again will I take a diet pill!

So I have 11 pounds more to go! or 16 depending on if I am 5'5" or 5'5 1/2" I know...it is dumb that 1/2 inch is worth 5 pounds! anyways. Oh yeah I am qualified to join both the Navy and the Army but being the difficult person I am I have to choose the one that is the hardest to get into:( oh well I will like it I think. anyways I am off to bed now!

-Bobbi :)
Thursday, November 14th, 2002
11:46 pm
Bobbi's World
well I had a friend ask me what has been going on in my life other than joining the Air Force. Well...I had a great summer at Spring Hill! That camp is amazeing...kinda run like a corperation but ya know...anyways... I was an RA at school I loved my job but I had to leave it because I didn't have the money to stay at school. I am now living at home and going part time to school. I am on the praise team at my church I LOVE that! um what else. it was my nephews birthday yesterday...he is 2 now. SO CUTE! He is the best baby ever! ok I guess that is all.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
11:02 pm
Off I go
well...it has been quite a while since I have been on here but I have some exciteing news...I am joining the airforce! I am so excited. anyways. I just got the paperwork in today so the ball is rolling. I still need to loose a little weight but that shouldn't take too long. I will probably be going to MEPS (where you take the ASFAB and physical tests) either next week or the week after. I will try to keep y'all informed...if anyone even reads this...anyways I am out!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
1:13 am
Just a little side bar... have you ever felt that you give 110% of yourself to people and they give nothing back? I do all the time...not that I mind I LOVE helpping people but to just be helpped once in a while would be a nice change.
1:02 am
Am I Loveable?
I am not depressed this is an honest question...Am I loveable? I know that very few people read this and even less respond but yeah.

Today I was told by both of my to be roommates that they weren't going to be my roommates anymore. This is not the first time I haven't had a roommate for the next year. I don't have one now. I mean I don't want to complain because this year was such a blessing I love being my myself but next year I will be an RA in the on campus apartments so I will HAVE to have at least 2 roommates.

Is there something about me that pushes people away? Am I some kind of freak? I can only think of one person who has been my friend through everything and she has a bazillion other friends. It is like I pour out my whole life and heart out to her and she give me about a quarter of hers. I am blessed to have that quarter but I long for more.

I don't nessicarily want a boyfriend but to just feel loved once in my life. That would be nice.

God is there for me no matter what stupid mistake I make and I thank him for that! Is it a Sin to not be content with his love? This is just what I am struggleing with.

Monday, January 28th, 2002
1:46 am
money money money money.....MONEY
I have had quite the interesting weekend. I was offered 2 jobs on friday night onein Seattle and one in Texas. They were people who worked for some furnature companies and they loved me as their waitress. So yeah I am seriously thinking about seattle for this summer. anywho... then saturday went well...nothing too special
today on the other hand went well....

I went to church and then watched a movie went to dinner blah blah blah...then at prayer and praise...I usually love it but tonight I just didn't feel like going. I am glad I didn't go too...I guess one of the leaders said something about my situation with money and that he thinks it would be cool if the people banded together or something...anyways within an hour I had $252 given to me. and over $100 of it was annonomus. can you believe it? GOd is so awesome. I know i have a lot more to go but...God will provide! thanks for prayers and please continue!

Thursday, January 24th, 2002
1:23 am
Today was rather uneventful...I did swallow my pride and pleaded with the student body at cornerstone to help me out. I went on the new Student Cube and wrote up a plea for help. I am not sure what kind of responce I will get but it was worth a try.

on another note some girls (anonnomus) collected money and put it under my door while I was at work. I got $65 not a whole lot but a good start. that was nice of them. Please continue to pray for me! I am still in need of LOTS of money! thanks

Monday, January 21st, 2002
11:04 pm
A horrible day that turned out not toooooo horrible.
well... the day started out in a not so normal way. I woke up at about 8:00 without the assist of an alarm clock. anyways I got up and I got ready for the day. I headed down to the registaras office to get my schedule well I had to go to the buissness office to see why I haven't been confirmed. Well it is easy...I haven't made a payment. SO um I was like righ how much is that? $700. Right that is a problem...I have um not that much...not even close to that much. so they then told me to go to fincial aid. so I waited there for 2 HOURS!!!!!! Then all they told me was that if I didn't get $3,000 in 2 weeks I would get kicked out. Or at least have a way to get $3,000 and half of it bye bye CU :(

I cried about it all day...I mean I don't know what I would do if I didn't go to Corernstone. so I went to work all sad and everything. and then the nicest thing ever happened to me... a family gave me a $100 tip. on a $47 bill. I didn't know that things like that actually happen to people. but...they do. anywho...it is only a small small small step but it showed me once again that God is faithful. so yeah please pray that God will provide the other money! I did apply for a loan today but I am not too sure I will get it. anywho....please pray!!!!!

-Bobbi :)
Saturday, January 19th, 2002
12:21 am
oh the joys of working
well I just got home froma busy Friday night at Raffaela's By Pagano's (the resturante I work at. anywho... I had a busy night. I was covering 5 tables at a time. that is more than I usually do. Lately I have been getting one at a time but not tonight. I was supprised that I wasn't totally stressed out. I think I did fairely well. I only forgot about one table and the are regualars and they only got a pizza but...they still left me %20 :) I also had an asian family that only the daughter could speak english well. That was kind of interesting. They were nice. THey also left me %20 :):) anywho... that was all that i really had to say. I just thought I would drop you a line. I am so glad tonight wasn't another $20 friday night. Tomorrow night should be interesting we are over booked and under staffed Good Fun!!!! have a great day!!

Thursday, January 17th, 2002
10:13 pm
Not much to say...
SOrry It has been a long time yet again since I have poasted. THe reason this time is because I haven't had my computer...I lent to to my best friend for about a week. Well since I have last poasted I started a quilt for that friend. Her name is Megan...I call her Megs. Megs is obsesed with Hello Kitty...SO I embroidered a HUGE hello Kitty face on a thing that I am going to make into a quilt. I have a lot more to go but I am getting so much closer.

I go back to school on monday. I am actually kinda excited about going back. I am definately looking forward to moveing back in where I don't reek like smoke all the time and everything. the one thing that I will miss from home is Megs and Dakota (my 5 year old nephew) right....so.... I am gonna go now....I just thought I would drop y'all a line!

oh yeah...if you know of a fast way to make about 3 grand LEGALLY let me know...I need to figureout how to pay for college!
Friday, January 11th, 2002
11:00 pm
so yeah...um today really sucked!!!! I found out that one of my good friends might have gotten a girl pregnate. so yeah that sucked. also...tonight at work I made a HUGE $20 yeah I usually make like 3 or 4 times that much on a friday night. also my boss yelled at me for no reason. My mom is still in the hospital. please continue to pray anyways I am gone...
Thursday, January 10th, 2002
11:01 pm
my time away....
It has been brought to my attention tonight that I haven't poasted in quite a while. I went back to school and got all caught up in the whole college thing. I have had a good semester friendship wise. I live with the best bunch of girls that I can even imagine. they are sweet nice and they love the Lord. As for school well...I tried kinda. Okay so I slack when it comes to papers but...I studied for the first time in my life that has got to count for something right?

I found a great church to attend in GR. I love it!!!!! The people there are so sweet. I sang special music there this past sunday. anywho...

More recently oay yesterday...my mom was taken in for an emergency surgery. She had to have her Ovary taken out b/c it had grown to 6cm. (that is HUGE for an ovary)she is in the hospital still and will prolly have to stay there untill at least saturday maybe even sunday. It would be greatly appriciated if y'all would pray for her!!! She isn't doing well...last I heard the doctors weren't even letting her drink or eat at all. She has to swish water in her mouth and spit it out.

I have a job as a waitress. I really like it! It is usually good money which I need now b/c I had a family helpping me with college but now they stopped and I haveto figure out how to come up with the money to pay for this semester. Oh well...God will provide. He always does. right so that is what is going on in Bobbi's world. haha SHUT UP!!! :) Oh yeah I still don't have a boyfriend. But I am cool with that. I say that but the trick is to actually believe it and to stop looking at every new guy I meet as a potential boyfriend. I am getting better though. right so I am gonna go now. Please reply! love ya!

-Bobbi :)
Sunday, September 9th, 2001
7:01 pm
God, Friends and Mud wrestleing
You might wonder what these things have in common. Well let me tell you...

TOday was an amazeing day! I went to church and was blessed. Blessed so much that I decided to stay for the second service. I went to the church that I will be attending this year while at school. Maranatha Bible Church. THey had Teen CHalange there and they shared some testimonies that really spoke to my heart. Then I came back to my wonderful home of Cornerstone. (I love it here!)

I did some homework, a shock I know, then I had an awesome conversation with Jeremy one of my new friends here at C-stone. WE reminiced about camp. He is an awesome man of God. That was fun

Next I took a quiz for a class and after I started it I found out that I didn't have to take it untill Wednesday. BUT I found a mistake so that is an automatic A :)

I went out side to get a better look at the sky because it was dark and beautiful and right then God opened the heavens and it poured out on me. I Love Gods power that he shows me through the weather! I came back inside and changed out of my now wet church clothes into some other clothes then I realised that it was POURING out so I decided to go play in the rain. I got Beth and Faith to go too. WHile out there we played slip-n-slide in the grass/mud. We had an audience of the whole guys dorm cheering for the good sllides and booing for the bad ones. We had about 10 people out there with us by the time we were done. after a few people left beth and I were just going to play in the mud but that turned into a mud wrestleing competition. I had some guys betting up to $20 on me :) none on beth. I won!!!! Hands down she didn't even have a chance even though she is athletic but I just have a nack for the mud wrestleing. As a sign of me winning Beth put a goose feather in my hair. When we were dome we saw some other students in other mud getting ready to throw some at us so we ran to the dorm as fast as we could to dodge the mud balls. I came in a took a shower. and now I am writeing to you after a salon job of french braiding compleate with the goose feather. :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!

-Bobbi :)

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, August 19th, 2001
5:49 pm
it feels like I am loseing my best friend. Please pray!
The only one I could count on is turning to not being count-onable. I know that isn't a word. I just need to get through this!

Current Mood: crushed
Friday, August 17th, 2001
10:42 pm
What a day...
Well today was interesting. I started it off with a brisk jog. Yes I did say a jog. hmmm... it was a miricle I got my butt out of bed and went joging. It was God though. My alarm went off at 8:00 AM and I could barely move I was so tired. So... I re-set my alarm for 9:00. Right befor my head hit my pillow I said a little prayer. "God if you want me to run don't let me fall back to sleep." I about hit myself in my head when I thought that. Well I couldn't get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. So at 8:14 I dragged my lazy butt out of bed and took a mile long jog.

I also packed my stuff to move back into C-stone today. As I write there is a moveing van (about the size of a 15 passenger van) FULL of my stuff. I have everything. A TV. a headboard and foot board for a bed, a chair, dishes. It is like I am filling a house not just a dorm. I don't even have most of my clothes in there. I will move those with me on Wednesday. My mom and I will be heading to GR in the morning to move my stuff to the hall. Then in the eveing "after supper" I will move my stuff into my room and try to get it situated. I have to work at 7:30 though. so that leaves me with a little under 2 hours to get eveything there. I am going back to work at the air port tomorrow. I have no clue who I will be working with. I hope I know them and if I don't then I hope they are nice.

My stepdads friend called tonight. My parents "weren't here" actually they were watching a movie and didn't want to be disturbed. So I talked to him. Howie is his name. he is a great guy. He is Jewish but he doesn't really know what that means. I was talking to him and we had a good discussion about faith. Judaism vs. Christianity. It was nice. He told me that if I was ever near Nashville that he would take me on a tour of the Saturn plant. That is where he works. He is helpping to disign the new Saturn VUE (SUV) I told him that my dream car (other than the BMW Z3 convertable) was a saturn SC1 or SC2 it didn't really matter. then he told me that he might buy me one some day RIGHT... like that will happen.

Rachel, one of my new friends from camp, and I are planning a trip to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. to see Kristie. I think that will be Fun fun fun!!!! I am excited. She got us a great deal on plane tickets. I am happy! I should go now. I hope to hear from y'all soon!!!

-Bobbi :)
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